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  • The Meconopsis Group
  • The Meconopsis Group is a study group which was formed in 1998. It was initially set up in response to the recognised need to attempt to clarify the identities and nomenclature of the various forms of big perennial blue Himalayan poppies found in cultivation.

  • The Saxifrage Society
  • The Saxifrage Society is the only international organization dedicated to the best plants in the world; the genus Saxifraga and its relatives.

  • The Cyclamen Society
  • Cyclamen are a genus of plants containing 20 species, which are part of the family of Primulaceae, the Primrose family. In the wild, their distribution is centred on the mediterranean, being natives of parts of Europe, western Asia and parts of North Africa.

  • Rock Garden Plants Database
  • Rock Garden Plants Database. It contains 12137 species with 701 photos and is still growing. For each plant you will find here known synonyms of its name, short description, territory and altitude of its natural location, size, color, bloom, if it is calciphile (Ca+) or calciphobe (Ca-), its type (rosette etc.), cultivation and propagation.

  • the pleione website
  • This site is devoted to the orchid genus Pleione. In it you will find an extensive photo gallery containing pictures of both Pleione species and a host of hybrids. There is also information on cultivation, sources of plants and a great deal more.

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